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Redland Bay parkrun

If you’re looking for a parkrun with views out to islands then put Redland Bay parkrun on your list.

Redland Bay parkrun is in south east Queensland with a view of the Moreton Bay islands. It’s a 40 minute drive from Brisbane airport.

This parkrun launched on June 10, 2017 with 394 finishers and 15 volunteers but typically averages 99 finishers. 

“We have stunning views along our beautiful bayside course, with a mix of grass, concrete and short boardwalks,” says event director Cheryl Lawie.

“We tend to get a lot of walkers because it’s a perfect spot to take in the amazing outlook over the southern Moreton Bay islands.  

“We have glorious weather, a very friendly and relaxed vibe and we love to welcome visitors.”

How it started

Cheryl was a regular parkrunner at nearby Cleveland parkrun and had volunteered “numerous times, but never as run director”.

“This path along the bayside was crying out for a parkrun! 

“Organising the launch of Redland Bay parkrun was a little daunting, and I literally wore L plates at our launch, but I had amazing support around me and no idea how much positive energy would come from it, or the way a beautiful community would form around it. 

“Like many parkruns, we are grateful for the foresight and support of other passionate parkrun people.    

“Many of us started our parkrun journey at the nearby Cleveland parkrun, with the fantastic event team there who inspire so many others.   

“I was attending a launch at another parkrun in Logan, when the event ambassador approached me to have a chat about a beautiful course he’d seen at Redland Bay, looking to join the parkrun family.   

“A couple more chats and visits to the park, and we were off on the journey of starting a new parkrun.   

“It has truly changed my life. 

“People tell you this beforehand, but I just assumed they were exaggerating.

“What a wonderful privilege to deliver this event for the community each week. 


Cheryl says Redland Bay is a relaxed and friendly parkrun with people who just love starting the weekend in “such a gorgeous spot” with a bunch of like-minded beautiful people.  

“We love the smiles, the jump shots, the families, the furry friends, and a little cooling shower under the hose afterwards!”

There are toilets, taps and shelter in the park, and a “great” playground for the kids. Cheryl says the swings overlooking the bay are extremely popular.

And if you get hot on the run? 

“We have some regulars who are partial to a dip in the bay after crossing the finish line.” 

Cheryl says many first timers comment about how friendly their parkrun is.  She says their volunteers like to encourage interaction and a supportive atmosphere.

“There are also the views, of course!”

“There are a couple of local spots for great coffee or breakfast, including down by the ferry terminal, where dolphins have been spotted on numerous occasions. 

“Some of our parkrunners also go into Victoria Point (5 minutes away) for breakfast.”

She says after running Redland Bay parkrun parkrunners should choose whatever they feel like.

While at Redland Bay

A trip to North Stradbroke Island is certainly recommended, or a wander up many of the trails at Mt Cotton to take in the views from a higher vantage point. 

The Moreton Bay cycleway winds its way along the bay and is a great option for grabbing some gorgeous photos.

There is plenty of history in the area and a popular winery, Sirromet, which also hosts its own parkrun.

What’s in a name?

Named after the suburb Redland Bay, which was settled in the 1860s-70s. 

You don’t have to look far to appreciate the rich red volcanic soil that supported farms and market gardens with a mix of crops including sugar cane, cotton, rice, pineapples and citrus.  

Redland Bay also hosts a modern ferry terminal, with regular services to multiple bay islands.

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