parkrun NZ stats 15/01/2022

parkrun NZ Attendance and Milestone Stats for January 15, 2022.

In New Zealand there were 32 (plus five on last week) parkruns, with 3159 (+495) parkrunners and 376 (+56) volunteers, plus any pending results.

In brief

285 (+44) people got their parkrun barcode this week

212 (+54) ran their first parkrun this week

364 306 (+58) achieved personal bests this week

26 (+7) volunteered for the first time

34 (+7) new age category records were set (19 at the new Ōtaki River parkrun)

18 (+13) runners recorded sub-17 finishes

The average run time in New Zealand remains 31:01.

There were three new course records this week: Hannah Oldroyd (17:23 at Foster), Jacob Priddey (14:48 at Hamilton Lake) and Hannah Wade (20:50 at Ōtaki River).

The top age graded runner was Sally Gibbs at Hamilton Lake with a time of 18:45, 99.11% in the VW55-59 age group.


6 parkrunners joined the J10 club

27 parkrunners joined the 25 club

17 parkrunners joined the 50 club

3 parkrunners joined the 100 club – Tash Vruink, Alastair Pickard and Linda Montgomery

2 parkrunners joined the 250 club – Congratulations to Rebecca O’Sullivan and Marylyn Trathen.

5 parkrunners joined the V25 club – Carl Hardley-Rout, Jim Mercer, Stuart Charters, Greg Hill and Phillip Curtis.


Biggest New Zealand parkruns: Cornwall Park, Palmerston North (191), Lower Hutt (232), Hagley (295).

Smallest NZ parkruns: Flaxmere, Queenstown (41), Taupo (40), Balclutha (29).

Of the New Zealand parkruns that took place both last week and this week:

17 parkruns had higher attendance

8 parkruns had lower attendance

Trentham Memorial recorded the same as the previous week with 73.

The biggest increase in attendance (by number of parkrunners) was Palmerston North, with a change of 45.

The biggest increase in attendance (by percentage change) was Blenheim with a change of 91%.

The biggest drop in attendance (by number of parkrunners) was Pegasus with a change of -37.

The biggest drop in attendance (by percentage change) was Balclutha with a change of -43%.

NZ Anniversaries

Taupō (5)


Dunedin, Kapiti Coast, Whangarei

Personal Bests and first timers

The most PBs were at Hagley (44), Otaki River (28), Lower Hutt (24), Palmerston North (20) and Cornwall (19).

The most PBs by percentage of field was Otaki River (28 or 31%), Sherwood Reserve (11 or 25%), Owairaka (19 or 24%), Trentham Memorial (14 or 19%) and Wanaka (8 or 17%).

The most first timers were at Otaki River (45), Invercargill (29), Lower Hutt (25), Hagley (23) and Palmerston North (22).

The most first timers by percentage of field was at Otaki River (45 or 50%), Wanaka (14 or 30%), Blenheim (18 or 30%), Sherwood Reserve (12 or 27%) and Invercargill (29 or 27%).

The fastest among us

The 17 fastest females in New Zealand by age category, in pace order, were:

  1. Hannah Oldroyd (SW30-34) running Foster in 17:23 setting herself a new PB.
  2. Sally Gibbs (VW55-59) running Hamilton Lake in 18:46.
  3. Georgia Waghorn (SW18-19) running Hagley in 19:23 setting herself a new PB.
  4. Kate Burridge (VW40-44) running Hagley in 19:49 setting herself a new PB.
  5. Alie Corporaal (SW20-24) running University of Waikato in 20:10 for the first time.
  6. Emily Waters (JW15-17) running Blenheim in 20:27 setting herself a new PB.
  7. Krystyna Knight (SW25-29) running Owairaka in 20:32.
  8. Annabel Ramsay (VW35-39) running Hagley in 20:37.
  9. Bronwen Rees-jones (JW11-14) running Blenheim in 20:39 for the first time.
  10. Kirsten Milne (VW45-49) running Hamilton Lake in 20:50.
  11. Nicola Whalley (VW50-54) running Pegasus in 21:27.
  12. Margie Peat (VW65-69) running Cornwall in 21:41.
  13. Carolyn Forsey (VW60-64) running Pegasus in 23:18.
  14. Jessica Brown (JW10) running Porirua in 24:31 setting herself a new PB.
  15. Margaret Flanagan (VW70-74) running Hagley in 26:29.
  16. Pauline Lane (VW75-79) running Hagley in 37:32.
  17. Sheila Waters (VW80-84) running Blenheim in 43:21.

The 18 fastest males in New Zealand by age category, in pace order, were:

  1. Jacob Priddey (SM25-29) running Hamilton Lake in 14:48 setting himself a new PB.
  2. Greg Darbyshire (VM40-44) running Hobsonville Point in 16:02 setting himself a new PB.
  3. Jack Shaw (SM20-24) running Lower Hutt in 16:09 setting himself a new PB.
  4. Hassan Mccall (JM15-17) running Trentham Memorial in 16:21 setting himself a new PB.
  5. Corban Straker (SM18-19) running Invercargill in 16:26 for the first time.
  6. Anthony Jackson (VM35-39) running Lower Hutt in 16:42.
  7. Steve Rees-jones (VM45-49) running Blenheim in 16:53 for the first time.
  8. Grant Mclean (VM50-54) running Lower Hutt in 17:14.
  9. Andrew Rutherdale (SM30-34) running Lower Hutt in 17:45.
  10. Mark Blake (VM55-59) running Greytown Woodside Trail in 18:23 for the first time.
  11. Bruce Edwards (VM60-64) running Puarenga in 18:41.
  12. Brent Cameron (JM11-14) running Hagley in 19:30.
  13. Ovin Angammana (JM10) running Porirua in 19:46.
  14. Geoffrey Anderson (VM65-69) running Blenheim in 20:09 for the first time.
  15. Barry Dewar (VM70-74) running Hagley in 22:48 for the first time.
  16. Mike Stewart (VM80-84) running Lower Hutt in 27:10.
  17. Roger Childs (VM75-79) running Otaki River in 31:16 setting himself a new PB.
  18. Ray Turner (VM85-89) running Cornwall in 44:44.
New age category records

Andy Mears ran at Ōtaki River parkrun, completing New Zealand Countryman and achieving his Cow (50th unique event).

Top 100 countrymen is based on the most events table, which shows parkrunners who have run at 15 or most New Zealand events.

*There’s no other volunteer data currently available other than what is in these stats. Other milestones have been notified to Runs With A Barcode.

Thanks to Paul Ellis for extra stats. You can view the top 100 countrymen table here. Each week is on a different sheet.

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