parkrun NZ stats 30/01/2021

parkrun NZ Attendance and Milestone Stats for January 30, 2021

In New Zealand there were 33 parkruns, with 4405 parkrunners and 366 volunteers, plus any pending results.


409 (+10) people got their parkrun barcode this week

287 (-20) ran their first parkrun this week

32 (+5) people volunteered for their first time

696 (+130) achieved personal bests this week

53 (+43) new age category records were set (including 30 at Trentham Memorial)

11 (+3) runners recorded sub-17 finishes


The average run time in New Zealand remains 30:53

There were two new course records. Thomas Strawbridge, 17:11 and Saskia Knox, 19:08 set the inaugural records at Trentham Memorial parkrun.

The top age graded runner was Margie Peat at Cornwall Park with a time of 21:48, 92.97% in the VW60-64 age group.


18 parkrunners joined the Junior 10 club

15 parkrunners joined the 50 club

10 parkrunners joined the 100 club – congratulations to Brian Mitchell, Hideo Yoshihama, Henry Bluestreak, John Hogue, Lisa Caton, Dave White, Cameron Apperley, Debbis Morris, Jim Reid and Maria Elliott

3 parkrunners joined the 250 club – congratulations to Seiko Whiteley (Barry Curtis), Clifford Cargeege (Millwater) and NU Tang (Porirua)

One parkrunner joined the V25 club – congratulations to Jeffrey Doolan (Flaxmere)


Biggest New Zealand parkruns: Trentham Memorial (257), Cornwall Park (300), Hagley (414).

Smallest NZ parkruns: Queenstown (48), Wanaka (38), Balclutha (29). 


There was one new attendance record set this week. Trentham Memorial had 257 finishers at its inaugural.


Of the New Zealand parkruns that took place both last week and this week:

13 parkruns had higher attendance

17 parkruns had lower attendance than last week

Two parkruns had the same as last week, Balclutha with 29 and Porirua with 199 parkrunners.


The biggest increase in attendance (by number of parkrunners) was Hagley, with a change of 59.

The biggest increase in attendance (by percentage change) was Whanganui Riverbank with a change of 76%.

The biggest drop in attendance (by number of parkrunners) was Lower Hutt, with a change of -51.

The biggest drop in attendance (by percentage change) was Whangarei, with a change of -32%.


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