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Kapiti Coast parkrun recap

Kapiti Coast parkrun is one of the more unusual parkruns I’ve been to, in that it’s not near to a major settlement.

It reminded me a little of some of the forestry commission parkruns I’ve run in the UK in that you have to make an effort to get there, but even then is still very different.

At those events (Wyre Forest and Sherwood Pines) there was a visitor centre, cafe, a Gruffalo trail (ideal for parents of small children) and other activities.

Kapiti Coast parkrun is not in a town. It doesn’t have a visitor centre or café, and there are no other attractions in the immediate vicinity.

But don’t let that keep you from visiting.

Instead you will enjoy a serene parkrun with beautiful surroundings.

I visited on Anzac weekend, staying in Otaki Beach with the O’Sullivan whanau. I drove down from Rotorua on the Friday and back on the Sunday.

It was a long drive through some stunning New Zealand countryside. I often wish I could spend more time travelling to these further afield parkruns so as to make the most of it.

This time I was planning on enjoying the public holiday at home, recovering from the drive and readying myself for work on Tuesday.


Back to the parkrun.

We set off from Otaki Beach around 7.15am, the O’Sullivans the lead vehicle. It was further than I remembered from my Longest Run visit.

There had been heavy rain in the night, but parkrunday dawned to be a beautiful golden autumnal morning.

There were a few milestones to celebrate and a call for a last minute volunteer. Soon we were off.

My son was reluctantly walking with Mark’s son Michael and his aunty Chrissy. I set off at a pace I hoped I could sustain.

My run

The week prior I’d made a change to my diet and removed all sugars and grains. The response to this is a sluggish feeling for a while.

I’d run this course the month before, but it’s one thing running as a freedom run to running for a time.

As I’d run it as a freedom run I knew where the kilometre markers were – and where to expect the turnaround.

On the way back I soon found Axel, who was desperate to get back to the car but not under his own steam. We did a mix of sprinting, jogging and walking. We admired the river and dodged the puddles.

And soon we were back in the park where I ran to the line and Axel moved to the side so as to not confuse the timekeepers.


Sadly the coffee cart wasn’t present. When everyone was finished we made arrangements to visit Olde Beach Bakery at Waikanae Beach.

I’m glad I’m off sugars and grains right now as I would have struggled to make a choice as to what to eat! Axel ate a steak and cheese pie, which he said was delicious.

Later that day I got to walk the new Otaki parkrun course with Mark and Jo. Their dog Daffy has walked and run it so often she knew all the turns instinctively.

I’m looking forward to running that one officially when it launches. It’s going to be a stunning course with a mix of scenery.

As the parkrun ages the plantings will grow and there will be an abundance of birdlife I’m sure.

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Yeah that rain the night before had our group thinking about other plans. Was glad that the day was sunny.
Was great to see you.
Will visit your parkrun one day.

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