Lockdown Survival Tips

We’ve had things so easy in New Zealand compared to other parkrun countries, but that doesn’t mean to say your feelings towards this most recent lockdown are not valid.

We all respond in different ways. Your feelings may be different to mine, neither of us are wrong, our feelings are valid.

While we are on pause here are three tips I would like to share that may help you, or people you care about, in one way or another.

Connect with your tribe

Your nearest and dearest may not understand any grief you may be feeling towards a parkrun-free Saturday.

They may have apathy, or they may be enjoying your company on a Saturday morning.

Find people who understand how you’re feeling to talk this through. It may be a parkrun facebook group or you might need a trained counsellor. In New Zealand that’s a free call or text to 1737.

Stay active

It goes without saying that exercise can help stay positive, even if you don’t get a token and scan your barcode afterwards (maybe you could play parkrun at home?).

Being active doesn’t mean a 5km run each day, but if you do cover 5km you can record it as a (not)parkrun.

Try a minimum 2km walk and see how you go. The fresh air can do wonders.

Please make sure you stick to public health guidelines where you live.

Choose your challenge

Lockdown has proven to be a time when people take up new skills, or master skills they already have.

But if you want to binge watch a Netflix series, or read an author’s back catalogue then do that.

You could also look ahead to when parkrun is back to normal and plan a parkrun adventure.

What are you doing to look after yourself during this current pause?

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Great advice Alison… I can’t run or walk much due to injury and off work on ACC I have so much time on my hands.. esp with lockdown I can’t even fill my time with family.. so I’m getting involved with as many online gettogethers as I can ????????

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