parkrun NZ stats 22/05/2021

parkrun NZ Attendance and Milestone Stats for May 22, 2021

In New Zealand there were 33 parkruns, with 3864 (+739) parkrunners and 380 (-2) volunteers, plus any pending results.


252 (+18) people got their parkrun barcode this week

186 (+56) ran their first parkrun this week

39 (+8) people volunteered for their first time

547 (+216) achieved personal bests this week

12 (-1) new age category records were set

6 (+2) runners recorded sub-17 finishes


The average run time in New Zealand is now 30:59.

There were three new course records this week: Liam Chesney, 16:53 (Dunedin), Josh Dunstan-Brown, 16:10 (Flaxmere) and Hannah Oldroyd, 17:38 (Foster).

The top age graded runner was Loris Reed at Tauranga with a time of 25:09, 94.7% in the VW70-74 age group.


11 parkrunners joined the Junior 10 club

14 parkrunners joined the 50 club

7 parkrunners joined the 100 club – congratulations to Jeff Talbot, Stuart Nicholson, Becky O’Gram, Courtney Gallen, Kylie Smith, John Shivas, Jack Gill, Benedict Collins and Andrea Rodley.

2 parkrunners joined the 250 club – Congratulations to Luke Watson (Cornwall Park) and Maggie Davies (Lower Hutt).

11 parkrunners achieved their V25 milestone – congratulations to Ellie Olsen-Vetland, Greg Adams, Leon Miyahara, Melanie Goodrick, Colin Boyd, Hailey Bouwman, Bridget Lawrence, Maria Whitehead, Alan Milnes, Brian Barach and Julia Lee.


Biggest New Zealand parkruns: Lower Hutt (207), Cornwall Park (281), Hagley (352).

Smallest NZ parkruns: Whanganui Riverbank (35), Balclutha (34), Wanaka (33). 


There were no new attendance records set this week.


Of the New Zealand parkruns that took place both last week and this week:

30 parkruns had higher attendance

2 parkruns had lower attendance than last week

Foster had the same with 93 parkrunners.


The biggest increase in attendance (by number of parkrunners) was Cornwall Park with a change of 73.

The biggest increase in attendance (by percentage change) was Gisborne with a change of 94%.

The biggest drop in attendance (by number of parkrunners) was Dunedin with a change of -3.

The biggest drop in attendance (by percentage change) was Whanganui Riverbank, with a change of -3%.


NZ Anniversaries this week:-

Anderson (5)

Barry Curtis (8)


NZ Cancellations this week:-


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