parkrun NZ Stats 12/11/2022

parkrun NZ Attendance and Milestone Stats for November 12, 2022.

In New Zealand there were 39 parkruns with 3994 (-692) parkrunners and 489 (-22) volunteers, plus any pending results.

In brief

275 (-110) people got their parkrun barcode this week

226 (-87) ran their first parkrun this week

461 (-162) achieved personal bests this week

32 (-12) volunteered for the first time

30 (-1) new age category records were set

7 (-6) runners recorded sub-17 finishes

The average finish time in New Zealand remains 31:15.

There was one new course record this week. Alex Witt ran 16:24 at Balclutha.

The top age graded runner was Colin Thorne at Whangarei with a time of 57:24, 93.29 in the VM95-99 age group.


13 parkrunners joined the J10 club

25 parkrunners joined the 25 club

16 parkrunners joined the 50 club

4 parkrunners joined the 100 club:

  • Greytown Woodside Trail: Miranda Barton
  • Hamilton Lake: Rachel Standen
  • Invercargill: Brendan Corbett
  • Kapiti Coast: Daniel Stoner

3 parkrunners joined the 250 club:

  • Dunedin: Croydon Paton
  • Porirua: Roland Idaczyk
  • University of Waikato: Vicky Brewin

8 parkrunners joined the V25 club: Tim Hargest, Greg Barton, Ruth Holt, Daniel Stoner, Carrie Austin, Ann Fenner, Gavin Craw, Helen Jagger.

* V50, V100 and V250 milestones aren’t recorded in the same way, so if you know of others please let me know.


Biggest New Zealand parkruns: Millwater (207), Cornwall Park (268), Hagley (336).

Smallest NZ parkruns: Whakatane Gardens (20, Balclutha (20) Russell Park (19).

Of the New Zealand parkruns that took place both last week and this week:

10 parkruns had higher attendance

27 parkruns had lower attendance

Dunedin parkrun recorded the same attendance as the week prior.

The biggest increase in attendance (by number of parkrunners) was Invercargill, with a change of 51.

The biggest increase in attendance (by percentage change) was Invercargill with a change of 76%.

The biggest drop in attendance (by number of parkrunners) was Porirua with a change of -84.

The biggest drop in attendance (by percentage change) was Flaxmere with a change of -66%.

NZ Anniversaries



Taupō (thunder and lightning storm)

PBs and First Timers

The most PBs were at Hagley (47), Western Springs (31), Cornwall (24), Foster (22) and Gisborne (21).

The most PBs by percentage of field was Hamilton Park (14 or 45%), Otaki River (9 or 32%), Gisborne (21 or 25%), Western Springs (31 or 20%) and Sherwood Reserve (13 or 19%).

The most first timers were at Hagley (47), Queenstown (43), Cornwall (39), Hamilton Lake (28) and Millwater (28).

The most first timers by percentage of field was at Queenstown (43 or 56%), Russell Park (6 or 32%), Lake2Lake Trail (13 or 30%), Sherwood Reserve (18 or 26%) and Broad Park (24 or 25%).

The fastest among us

The 19 fastest females in New Zealand by age category, in pace order, were:

  1. Hannah Oldroyd (VW35-39) running Foster in 17:34.
  2. Lahana Reeves (SW20-24) running Hagley in 18:26 setting herself a new PB.
  3. Lisa Hellyer (JW11-14) running Cornwall in 18:28.
  4. Megan Davis (SW25-29) running Queenstown in 18:45 for the first time.
  5. Angela Doig (SW30-34) running Pegasus in 18:52.
  6. Sarah Louise Cumber (VW50-54) running Anderson in 19:42 for the first time.
  7. Ewa Bell (VW40-44) running Tauranga in 21:00 for the first time.
  8. Rieko Trees (VW45-49) running Hobsonville Point in 21:37.
  9. Helen Kilding (VW45-49) running Millwater in 21:37.
  10. Robyn Perkins (VW55-59) running Foster in 21:41 for the first time.
  11. Becky Blay (JW15-17) running Pegasus in 22:08.
  12. Kate Garland (SW18-19) running Western Springs in 22:35 setting herself a new PB.
  13. Margie Peat (VW65-69) running Puarenga in 22:37.
  14. Nuala Dunne (VW60-64) running Whanganui Riverbank in 23:49.
  15. Cassidy Bishop (JW10) running University of Waikato in 25:43 for the first time.
  16. Judith Bradshaw (VW70-74) running Whangarei in 27:06.
  17. Lorraine Parker (VW75-79) running Hobsonville Point in 38:39 setting herself a new PB.
  18. Margaret Stuart (VW80-84) running Palmerston North in 43:14.
  19. Clasina Van Der Veeken (VW90-94) running Whangarei in 51:43.

The 21 fastest males in New Zealand by age category, in pace order, were:

  1. Alex Kelliher (VM35-39) running Hagley in 16:18.
  2. Giles Witt (SM18-19) running Pegasus in 16:20 setting himself a new PB.
  3. Harry Witt (JM15-17) running Pegasus in 16:23 setting himself a new PB.
  4. Alex Witt (SM20-24) running Balclutha in 16:24 setting himself a new PB.
  5. Jamie Coulter-smyth (SM25-29) running East End in 16:50 for the first time.
  6. Dwight Grieve (VM45-49) running Lake2Lake Trail in 17:03.
  7. Sam Rout (SM30-34) running Whangarei in 17:16.
  8. Rob Boughton (VM40-44) running Hagley in 18:03 setting himself a new PB.
  9. Andrei Plechen (VM40-44) running Millwater in 18:03 setting himself a new PB.
  10. Peter Richards (VM60-64) running Broad Park in 18:35 for the first time.
  11. Cohnor Walsh (JM11-14) running Hagley in 18:48.
  12. Warwick Smith (VM55-59) running Broad Park in 18:54 for the first time.
  13. Alistair Crozier (VM50-54) running Hagley in 18:57.
  14. C J Iversen (JM10) running Invercargill in 19:52.
  15. Gavin Stevens (VM65-69) running Cornwall in 20:46.
  16. John Kent (VM70-74) running Whangarei in 22:53.
  17. Geoffrey Cumber (VM75-79) running Anderson in 24:34 for the first time.
  18. Mike Stewart (VM80-84) running Lower Hutt in 27:24.
  19. Mike Batchelor (SM—) running Whangarei in 44:45.
  20. Bob Ward (VM85-89) running Millwater in 45:44.
  21. Colin Thorne (VM95-99) running Whangarei in 57:24.

Record Breakers

There were 28 age category records broken this week:

Thanks to Paul Ellis for additional stats.

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