Trent O’Sullivan

Trent, 20, is one of the few parkrunners to have completed every course in New Zealand. He is the eldest son of Martin O’Sullivan.

Barcode: A314658

Home parkrun: Lower Hutt

What was your first away parkrun?

Kapiti Coast on the New Year’s Day event back in 2016 since we were up there during the Christmas holidays.

What led you to parkrun tourism?

It’s a great opportunity to see other places in New Zealand.

What’s the earliest you’ve got up to travel to an event and where was it?

4am for multiple different events around New Zealand. Places that come to my mind are Auckland and Whangarei.

At Millwater parkrun.

What has been your furthest trip for a parkrun?

The trip to the Invercargill parkrun

With James at Invercargill parkrun.

Can you tell us about a memorable parkrun experience in New Zealand?

Breaking my Lower Hutt PB on my 100th parkrun milestone.

Where in New Zealand would you like a parkrun and why?

Upper Hutt. It would be a local one and it’ll add to my parkrun different events total.

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Congratulations Trent on your achievement’s. A lot of early morning starts to reach this level.

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