Serial Volunteer Tracey Wood

If you want to know about a volunteering role then Tracey Wood is the parkrunner to talk to.

Known as Tracey in a Tutu, this parkrunner is one of an exclusive group of parkrunners to have volunteered in every available role.

In 2019 she became the first in Australia to do this and only the fifth worldwide.

She’s also on instagram as See You On The V Side, where she shares pics from volunteering and breaks down any myths parkrunners may have about certain roles.

Tracey recently celebrated her 300th parkrun and has more than 186 volunteer credits to her barcode history (at time of writing).

“I love to volunteer – that way I get to see so much more of people.

“Run Director is the best job because there’s not much to do on the day apart from the briefing and saying Go!

“Then you get to wander around, ostensibly to check on everyone but really just to chat!”

The Challenge

Tracey said she never intended to complete every volunteer role but when she completed another new one she realised she was already close.

“I realised that there were only about six left that I hadn’t done (of the 27 distinct volunteer roles) and I thought, hey! I could do this!

“Although this is not a recognised challenge it was a fun way for me to see the different ways I could give back to parkrun.

“The hardest job would have to have been the sign language support role.

“Although I’d received the event briefing and had practised accordingly, the RD added a bit more in and I couldn’t keep up! Thankfully my deaf friends were very forgiving.”

Tracey’s first run was at Sandgate parkrun in 2013.

“A friend told me about this “new thing just started up” and I thought “nahhhhhh” but it didn’t go away so I thought I might give it a go. And, well, here I am now!”

Running at home

Her home parkrun now is Kedron parkrun in north Brisbane.

“Although Kedron Brook is my local area where I regularly walk my dog, I never get tired of heading down to that park.

“It’s a beautiful area and I love turning up on Saturdays and seeing familiar faces.

“I also like to compete in running events, but I love the familiarity of parkrun.

“The fact that you can turn up anywhere and still feel like home. To me, it’s like having a second family that welcomes you in.

“In 2020 I set myself a heap of parkrun-related goals – I was going to finish the alphabet, the Peel Club etc etc.

“Well, we all know how that year turned out! So now I’ve just gone back to my original plan – keep turning up and keep enjoying the experience!

“I have met some absolutely wonderful people through parkrun who have become such a part of my life.

“I love the fact that people from such diverse areas can be united in a “common goal.”

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Volunteer roles:

Equipment Storage and Delivery 

Communications Person 

Volunteer Co-ordinator 

Event Day Course Check 

Pre-event Setup 

Car Park Marshal 

First Timers Briefing

Warm Up Leader 

Sign Language Support 


Tail Walker 

Run Director 

Lead Bike


Guide Runner 



Funnel Manager 

Finish Tokens & Support 

Barcode Scanning 

Number Checker

Post-event Close Down 

Results Processor 

Token Sorting 

Run Report Writer


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