Paul Gibbons

Paul is one of the few parkrunners to have completed every course in New Zealand.

Barcode: A669962

Home parkrun: Hamilton Lake parkrun (I think – when I joined parkrun there were none local to me).

What was your first away parkrun?

My first parkrun of all was Barry Curtis. I was in Auckland picking up my now wife from the airport and she dragged me along.

What led you to parkrun tourism?

My wife / supremely better half Nneka Okonta introduced me to parkrun and parkrun tourism; I couldn’t think of a good excuse.

Paul (in apricot) at Palmerston North parkrun with Nneka (far right).

What’s the earliest you’ve got up to travel to an event and where was it?

3am to travel to Lower Hutt.

What has been your furthest trip for a parkrun?

We changed our London-Auckland flights to detour via Calgary, Canada to go to Nose Hill parkrun. They launched after we’d booked our flights.

Can you tell us about a memorable parkrun experience in New Zealand?

I saw my first 250 tee shirt at Pegasus inaugural and it was my first icy parkrun as well. The only time I’ve done parkrun with ice on the ground (benefit of living in Hawkes Bay!).

Where in New Zealand would you like a parkrun and why?

I’m looking forward to the new parkrun at Whanganui. I’d love a parkrun to start at Cape Reinga because I’ve never been to the extreme north of the country and it would inspire me to visit.

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I did NOT know that Hamilton Lake was your home parkrun. I do remember when your name started appearing at all the same parkrun events as Nneka’s though 🙂 Aren’t we crazy to get up so early to drive to each other’s parkruns.

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