Dean King

Dean is one of the few parkrunners to have completed every course in New Zealand.

Barcode: A747098

Home parkrun: Hamilton Lake

At Hamilton Lake parkrun.

What was your first away parkrun?

Cornwall- family trip to see a show in Auckland

What led you to parkrun tourism?

The ability to combine family holidays and weekends away with parkrun. Now it is a wonderful way to explore different parts of New Zealand and further afield. Amazing memories of people, places and parkrun.

What’s the earliest you’ve got up to travel to an event and where was it?

That’s a tough one as I’m habitually early. Lucca parkrun in Italy last year probably. We travelled from Pisa on the train and then walked from the station. Sometime after 4am.

At Lucca parkrun.

What has been your furthest trip for a parkrun?

Chateau de Pierre de Bresse, France

Can you tell us about a memorable parkrun experience in New Zealand?

Lower Hutt parkrun, August 2014. My wife won a radio competition for a weekend in Central Wellington.

I asked if someone could pick me up to go to Lower Hutt parkrun. Tony Ting collected me and dropped me off again afterwards at our accommodation.

That was really kind. My wife retells the story of our romantic weekend away with me disappearing to parkrun…

Where in New Zealand would you like a parkrun and why?

Nelson, a beautiful place and I hope one pops up there.

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Oh yes, Nelson would be great. Was great catching up with you again at Whanganui 🙂

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