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The Terrace parkrun

Set on the picturesque Hunter River, The Terrace parkrun offers parkrunners a flat run in serene surroundings.

But one of the perils of being so close to the river is flooding.

Event director Paul Tooney says the return from the Covid pause has been hampered – there were no events in April.

However, The Terrace is an event that shouldn’t be discounted.

“We have a great community vibe and the location by the Hunter River is beautiful,” says Paul.

“There is something peaceful about running or walking by water.”

The start

The Terrace parkrun launched on January 30, 2016 with 693 finishers. After 234 events it averages 110 finishers.

The run is at Raymond Terrace, in the Hunter region of New South Wales.

There are eight other parkruns within 30km.

It all started with founding Event Director Brenton Pobjie who felt like Raymond Terrace could do with a parkrun, Paul says.

He says Jodi Crane had the same idea.

So they talked and then after Jodi contacted parkrun Australia, Brenton felt like it was something he should lead.

“He then set about making out the course (with the help of Matt Rarschke) who had thought about The Terrace for a while too.

“Lettice Gamer joined Brenton as the inaugural Event Directors.

“They launched The Terrace on January 30, 2016 with what was at the time a record launch of 693 finishers and an amazing 31 volunteers.”

The course

The Terrace is set on the riverfront of the Hunter River at Raymond Terrace where the Williams and Hunter Rivers meet.

It’s a mostly flat, two lap course with some mixed terrain of grass, cobblestone and concrete paths.

Paul says visitors say the riverfront location is “beautiful and peaceful”.

“It’s an easy course to follow and the parkrun community at The Terrace are very welcoming.”

Paul’s story

Paul has been a parkrunner since May 2014.

“My daughter wanted to do Newy parkrun but she couldn’t drive at the time or was on her Ls.

“I had to drive her to Newy (about 30 minutes) or supervise her driving there.

“At first I just sat in the car and waited for her, which is a source of laughter when I tell this story.

“I thought it was crazy to drive 30 minutes to run 5km and then drive 30 minutes back home when I could run 5km at home in under 30 minutes.

“She convinced me to do it a couple of times.

“It wasn’t until The Terrace started and it was closer to home that I started going regularly.

“I had some neighbours who did it and we started going for breakfast at Cups N Saucers and met more people and then I was hooked.

“The people are so welcoming at The Terrace and the breakfast is always great so we just kept coming back.”

Cups N Saucers is “a great café” at 5/43 William St, Raymond Terrace.

Paul recommends the eggs benedict with a hot cup of your favourite beverage.

While at The Terrace parkrun

The Hunter Region Botanic Gardens at Heatherbrae is about a five minute drive away.

A little further you can see Fighter World at the Williamtown Air Force Base where you might get to see one of the new F35 Lightning II fighter jets flying about.

To the north is the beautiful Nelson Bay with great beaches, whale watching, fishing and restaurants with great views.

South of The Terrace is Stockton on Newcastle Harbour where you can catch the ferry across to the city of Newcastle.

To the west is the Hunter Valley and the vineyards. – Paul Tooney

What’s in a Name…

The town Raymond Terrace was named after Lieutenant Raymond, who had explored the Hunter River in 1797 and described the terraced appearance of trees in the area.

Governor Lachlan Macquarie camped in the area in 1818, using “Raymond Terrace” as the name for the place where his party had camped.

Raymond Terrace is sometimes referred to as the Terrace.

This was originally published in Issue 3 of the Runs With A Barcode magazine.

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