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Our Park parkrun

Our Park parkrun makes you feel welcome before you arrive.

Named after the park it’s held in, in Orford, Tasmania, Our Park joined the parkrun family on November 7 2020.

Orford is a village on Tasmania’s east coast, about 75km drive from Hobart.

“We’re a beautiful family park with a playground, bike track, open areas, BBQ and right next to the beach,” says founding event director Kendal King.

“The course is all on a safe trail that heads away from the park through approximately 500m of trees/grass area before bringing you out next to West Shelly Beach with views over to Maria Island.

“At the turnaround you then get more beach views of Millingtons Beach Conservation Area, which is next to the park.

“Then you get to see all that again on your second lap. An added bonus is that it’s a fairly flat course.”

How it started

When it launched Our Park had 80 finishers and five volunteers.

That attendance remains its record, Our Park is an intimate event with an average of 20 finishers a week (and some weeks far fewer!).

Kendal signed up for parkrun in January 2016.

“My best friend encouraged me once my twins were six months old, so I bought a running pram, tied the dog on and have loved it ever since.

“Launceston was my original home parkrun.

“We moved to Orford in July 2019 and I missed the social side of it, the enjoyment of it.

“I also wanted to help our new community become more active and give them something to do without having to travel to Hobart.

“I rarely get to participate in the event these days, I often volunteer extra to allow others to participate.

“It’s enjoyable to spread the cheer and encourage others.”

She says there’s one word to describe Our Park to people yet to visit – “Beautiful. It’s just beautiful.

“Generally first timers are blown away by the beauty and location, especially if they have never been to Orford before.

“Plus they return!”

After parkrun they head to Wattlebanks Coastal Cafe.

“I haven’t yet had anything from the menu not worth mentioning!

“They make good burgers.”

While at Our Park parkrun

Take a trip out to Maria Island, Tasmania’s only island national park. Access from the port town of Triabunna, which is also worth a visit.

Maria Island is home to wombats and many birds. It also has convict ruins, eucalypt forest, a disused limestone quarry and much more to explore.

There’s plenty of other outdoor activities in and around Orford.

Three Thumbs Lookout towers above the town, there are notable beaches at Spring Beach, Rheban Beach and Raspins Beach, visit the town of Swansea, which overlooks Great Oyster Bay and dine at Ellys East Coast Kitchen.

Orford is a popular summer destination.

What’s in a name…

Our Park is the name of the park in Orford where the parkrun is located.

Kendal says they’ve not had many comments on the parkrun name “perhaps because it’s a prominent place in Orford”.

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