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Lochiel parkrun

Lochiel parkrun was fairly anonymous outside of South Australia until a parkrunner called Caitlin Adams turned up one August morning.

On August 7 she ran a 15:38, finishing 10th out of a field of 272 and in doing so claimed both the Australian women’s record and the Global women’s record.

Event director Janet Reid (A615803)says she was helping set up the event for the day when she noticed a group of runners in matching kit had arrived.

“I recognised one of them as Jess Trengove, two time Olympian, and realised that this was Team Tempo, an elite group of running athletes.

“I went over to welcome them and had a chat with them all and then got back to putting out the volunteer vests while they headed off for a warm up.”


“The briefing was done and it was time to start. I was delayed talking to the RD and headed off just behind the tail walkers.

“Then I saw it – a blue vest coming towards me, followed by another, and another.

“I looked at my Garmin, I had completed 800m and the front runners were passing me.

“For a brief, glorious moment, I was within an arm’s reach of these elite athletes – even if we were going in opposite directions!

“Out on the course, the air was electric. Whispers of record runs were filtering through.

“A new men’s course record was set by Isaac Heyne, in 14:15, breaking Steve Monaghetti’s record that had stood since 2017, so the excitement was very real.

“But then the buzz grew louder, another new female record at Lochiel.

“We have had three new female records in the last six months. But this was something special as it was not just a Lochiel record, but an Australian and Global record.

“And it had happened right before my eyes – well, actually behind my eyes as I was still outward bound as all this was happening.

“The energy was still palpable when I got back.”

Caitlin Adams after her record-breaking run


“It was made all the more impressive by the fact that our parkrun is not flat, has a very sharp, tight turn-around coupled with the big puddles from earlier rain.

“What struck me the most though, was the willingness and eagerness of all members of Team Tempo to engage with the other parkrunners after the event.

“And later on Caitlin frequently referred to parkrun as being so inclusive and welcoming.

“That made my heart literally jump for joy. Because that is what parkrun is all about – inclusiveness.

“Everyone matters.”


“At Lochiel parkrun, that sense of community is as strong and inclusive as it is diverse.

“We are thrilled that the name of our parkrun is attached to the Global record.”

Lochiel parkrun is an out and back parkrun in Campbelltown, Adelaide.

It launched on September 5, 2015, with 154 finishers and six volunteers.

These days it averages 217 finishers, with a record attendance of 442 in February 2020.

Lochiel parkrun came about via local councillor Matthew Noble and was supported by John Lawrie, who was the Regional Ambassador for parkrun at the time.

“We started off small and it just grew,” Janet says.

“We are very fortunate to have an exceptional relationship with the Campbelltown Council and have the full support of the chief executive and mayor.

About the course

“Lochiel is a beautiful out and back course under trees, along Linnear Pathway beside the River Torrens.

“We have snoozy koalas, laughing kookaburras, singing magpies, quacking ducks and the occasional slithering snake – very occasional!

“The track is sealed with a little bit of a hill but otherwise flat. Our start area is beside the Lochiel Wetlands, home to many birds.”

Coffee is at the neighbouring Geoff Heath Golf Club.

“They serve the BEST chips in all of South Australia – no, make that the whole of Australia!!

“You will more often than not still find parkrunners sitting chatting at 11.30am enjoying a glass of wine or port with the party breaking up around 2pm.”

While at Lochiel parkrun

Thorndon Park, where the only junior parkrun in SA takes place is a great place to visit.

There is a beautiful reservoir there with a lovely walk around it.

If you are visiting with family make sure you stay for Sunday so as to you’re your children the junior parkrun experience.

Morialta Falls is not too far away. These are a series of three waterfalls and are on a popular walk.

Campbelltown has a large Italian Community, so it goes without saying that there are some superb restaurants in the area, as well as coffee shops.

As mentioned earlier, if golf is your thing, then the hidden gem, Geoff Heath Par 3 Golf Course is for you. – Janet Reid

What’s in a Name…

Lochiel parkrun is named after the surrounding area and wetlands.

It is in Campbelltown, which was named after early Adelaide settler Charles James Fox Campbell, in 1867.

In between 1855 and 1856 much of his land was sold, one parcel became known as Lochiel Park.

In 2014 a new development led to the park as it is today.

This was originally published in Issue 6 of the Runs With A Barcode magazine.

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