Five things no one told you about parkrun

It’s not about the run

Yes it’s called parkrun but the highlight for most people comes afterwards as you hang out at the finish area and swap stories about your run. Whether you’ve run sub 17 or you tail walked, everyone has a story to share about their 5km.

Most events have a dedicated cafe or coffee cart, so you can extend the parkrun experience beyond the run course.

You don’t have to run

The name is deceptive, but you can walk parkrun. There are lots of people who walk, some with a dog (one per person, on a short lead), others with children, very rarely will you be alone.

If you’re a runner you don’t have to push yourself week in, week out, you can make it a time trial, or a recovery run, a chatty run with friends or pace them to a new PB. It can be whatever you want it to be.

Your weekend will never be the same again

After you’ve been a few times you realise your weekends have changed. You start with a fun activity, you hang out with friends and then you do your other things, such as gardening, groceries, etc.

Yes it’s an early start, but you will discover you earn extra energy for the rest of the day.

You start planning your holidays around parkrun locations

Your barcode is a ticket to parkruns all over the country where you live (and overseas). After a few parkruns you find your weekend routine has morphed, and when you head away for a weekend you wonder if there’s a parkrun nearby. Soon enough you’re looking up parkruns first before booking a trip.

Not only will you have several barcode printed out (plus a wristband, tag etc) but you also know your ID off by heart.

Yep, this is when you know parkrun has really taken over. Can you reel your number off by heart?

Where do you keep your barcodes?

Come and share over in the Runs With A Barcode Clubhouse. Already a member? Tell your parkrunning friends so they can join in.

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