Greytown Woodside Trail

Greytown Woodside Trail, near Woodside Station 5794

Type of Course – Out and back

Shoes Required – Road

Things to know

Parking is at the Woodside Railway Station, space for motorhomes to park. Toilets at the railway station.

Permanently marked.

No nearby showers

Cafe: The Offering, 65 Main St, Greytown

Location of start:

The event starts on the Greytown Woodside Trail. From the car park, turn right and walk 100m to the start of the trail. You will see a sign above an archway that says Greytown Woodside Trail. The start is 100m down the trail.

Getting there by public transport

There is no public transport available for this parkrun. 

Getting there on foot

From Greytown follow the Rail Trail route from the Cotter St start point.

Getting there by road

From State Highway 2, turn on to Humphries St (next to Challenge petrol station at intersection), then continue on, eventually leaving Greytown. Humphries St becomes Woodside Rd, which leads to Woodside Station. Please do not turn on to Cotter St. The parkrun starts at the Woodside end of the trail. It is about 5km from Greytown. You will see the station just beyond the railroad tracks.


First run: November 3, 2018

Inaugural attendance: 42

Record attendance: 81 (18/01/2020)

Course records 

Women: Hannah Oldroyd 18:19 (08/12/2018)

Men: Matthew Moloney and Ben Twyman 16:23 (09/02/2019 and 12/02/2022) 

The Story Behind Greytown Woodside Trail parkrun…

Dave White, event director

“I ran the first parkrun at Lower Hutt in May, 2012. I was curious about it.

“I ran down that trail all the time. I read about it in the local newspaper and thought I’d go along and see what it was about.

“I liked that it was free, measured and timed. You just show up and they do all the work.

“It was fun, I enjoyed it.

“You hang around afterwards and talked to other people. Then Lucy and I moved to the Wairarapa. I wondered why we didn’t have one.”

“Phil and I met while running. I started a local running group here called South Wairarapa Runners. Bruce McCardle was also a member of that group – he was also one of the Lower Hutt originals.

“We started talking about parkrun and we scoped out different ideas for a course. Lucy suggested the rail trail, we checked it out and Phil was a trustee.

“We would not have the parkrun community that we have without The Offering.”

Phil Cox, event director

“My first parkrun was here. It hadn’t really taken off in the UK when I left in 2009.

“When we ran and Dave talked about parkrun it piqued my interest.

“I’d wanted the rail trail to be used more. It’s been a great community drive. The hotels and pubs are talking about parkrun. People are coming to Greytown to do parkrun.”

While in Greytown…

Visit Schoc Chocolate

Kahikatea Gardens

Cobblestones Museum

Go shopping – discover the owner-operated shops with a walk along the streets after your cafe experience.

Explore Greytown one tree at a time. From the enormous Australian Eucalypt outside St Luke’s Church on Main St to the beautiful Soldiers Memorial Park Plantings and 1921 Lime Trees on Kuratawhiti St.